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How to arrive by car

Our rooms are located in a small village called “Plokamiana”, on the outskirts of Kissamos city and 65Km away from Chania city.
In order to arrive at Viva Elafonisi, either from the airport or the port of Chania, you need to follow the highway of Chania (there is only one highway in Chania) towards to Kissamos city. A few Km before you arrive at Kissamos city you should see signs for Elafonisi beach. By following the signs to Elafonisi beach, you will pass in front of Viva Elafonisi about 9Km before you arrive at the beach.
For your convenience, you can also look for our signs say “Viva Elafonissi” on them, about 5Km before you arrive at our rooms.

How to arrive by public transport

Chania city is a relatively small city in Greece, with a lot of distant small villages, so the public transport outside of the city is not very convenient.
There is only one bus, traveling every day from Chania city to Elafonisi beach and back again, which means that in case you want to use the public transport to move around you have to catch this bus at a specific time every day. You can see details about the schedule of the bus here.
For your convenience, and in order to see as many places and sightseeing as possible, we strongly recommend renting a car.

Tavernas & Mini Markets

Staying in a small quiet village a few Km from the paradise of Elafonisi beach might sound like a dream to you until you get hungry!
There are a lot of Greek tavernas at a small distance from our place and of course, we will be happy to give you our recommendations.
As an alternative, you can also buy your own groceries and prepare your meals in your rooms, from the 3 mini markets that are located in a 5 to 10 minutes distance by car from our rooms.

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Places Nearby

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